The New "WHAMIT" Twin Armed Spinner Bait is unique in design.  This bait has two spinner arms with #4 BB SafeLok Snaps.   This feature allows the angler to interchange and replace the #7 French blades with their

blades of choice. 

The WHAMIT is a rather versatile bait.  Traditionally using this 1 oz. spinner bait in the deep weeds and edges,  It will be relatively weedless and give off a great deal of vibration.  Another effective presentation is to Jig or Rip this

bait over deep water, allowing the WHAMIT to fall slowly clacking its blades as it falls. 


WHAMIT Twin Armed Spinner Bait Components:  Retail $ 22.95

Stainless Steel .051

1 oz. Headless Rig

Tinsel Skirt

Two #7 French Blades, attached with Two #4 BB StayLok Snaps

Mustad  #3906

Made in the U.S.A.

*  JW-01    Nickel/Black Luster

*  JW-02    Brass/Black Perch

*  JW-03    Brass/Walleye

*  JW-04    Nickel/White-Silver

*  JW-05    Nickel/Chartreuse Shad

*  JW-06    Brass/Pewaukee Perch

*  JW-07    Nickel/Pearl Fuchsia

*  JW-08    Brass/Firetiger