The New "WHAMIT" Twin Armed Spinner Bait is unique in design.  This bait has two spinner arms with #4 BB SafeLok Snaps.   This feature allows the angler to interchange and replace the #7 French blades with their

blades of choice. 

The WHAMIT is a rather versatile bait.  Traditionally using this 1 oz. spinner bait in the deep weeds and edges,  It will be relatively weedless and give off a great deal of vibration.  Another effective presentation is to Jig or Rip this

bait over deep water, allowing the WHAMIT to fall slowly clacking its blades as it falls. 


*  JW-01    Nickel/Black Luster

*  JW-02    Brass/Black Perch

*  JW-03    Brass/Walleye

*  JW-04    Nickel/White-Silver

*  JW-05    Nickel/Chartreuse Shad

*  JW-06    Brass/Pewaukee Perch

*  JW-07    Nickel/Pearl Fuchsia

*  JW-08    Brass/Firetiger

WHAMIT Twin Armed Spinner Bait Components:  Retail $ 22.95

Stainless Steel .051

1 oz. Headless Rig

Tinsel Skirt

Two #7 French Blades, attached with Two #4 BB StayLok Snaps

Mustad  #3906

Made in the U.S.A.