Colors Available:

  • JF-01   Nickel/Black/Black Silver Flake

  • JF-02   Brass/Black/Black Gold Flake

  • JF-03   Orange/Black-Orange/Black Silver Flake

  • JF-04   Chartreuse/Black-Cht/Black Silver Flake

  • JF-05   Brass/Walleye/Rootbeer Red Flake

  • JF-06   Orange/Walleye/Rootbeer Red Flake

  • JF-07   Nickel/White Shad/White Silver Flake

  • JF-08   Nickel/Chart Shad/Chart Silver Flake

  • JF-09   Orange/Perch/Motoroil Red Flake

  • JF-10   Brass/Bluegill/New Penny

  • JF-11   Chartreuse/Firetiger/Chartreuse Silver Flake

  • JF-12   Nickel/Black-Blue-Purple/Black Silver Flake

  • JF-13   Nickel/Pink Shad/White Silver Flake

  • JF-14   Green/Black/Black Silver Flake

  • JF-15   Nickel/Black-White/Black Silver Flake 

Replacement Buzz Tail Shads and Buzz Tail Frogs Available:   


4"  Buzz Tail Shads are Replacement Tails for:  Original RAMIT Weedless Bucktails and JAMIT Weedless Inline Buzz Baits     $ 4.00    4 pack

6"  Buzz Tail Shads are Replacement Tails for:  RAMIT Starflash Silicone Magnums and RAMIT Tinsel Magnums                     $ 4.00    4 pack

*  Black with Silver Flake                                        

*  Black with Gold Flake

*  New Penny

*  Rootbeer Red Flake

*  Motoroil Red Flake

*  White Silver Flake

*  White Gold Flake

*  Chartreuse Silver Flake

*  White Pumpkinseed   

4"  Buzz Tail Frogs are Replacement Tails for:  Original RAMIT Weedless Bucktails and JAMIT Weedless Inline Buzz Baits      $ 4.00    4 pack

*  Green  Pumpkin White Belly

*  Pumpkin Seed Yellow Belly

Colors Available:

  • JFTM-01   Nickel-Brass/Black/Black

  • JFTM-02   Brass-Brass/Black/Black

  • JFTM-03   Black-Orange/Black Perch/Black 
  • JFTM-04   Nickel-Chartreuse/Black Perch/Black

  • JFTM-05   Copper-Brass/Walleye/New Penny

  • JFTM-06   Orange-Brass/Walleye/Rootbeer Red Flake

  • JFTM-07   Nickel-Nickel/White Shad/White Silver Flake

  • JFTM-08   Nickel-Chart/Chart Shad/Chartreuse Silver Flake

  • JFTM-09   Copper-Brass/Perch/Motor oil Red Flake

  • JFTM-10   Orange-Brass/Perch/Motor oil Red Flake

  • JFTM-11   Orange-Chart/Firetiger/Chartreuse Silver Flake

  • JFTM-12   Nickel-Nickel/Pink Shad/White Silver Flake

  • JFTM-13   Nickel-Green/Black/Black Silver Flake

  • JFTM-14   Black-Nickel/White-Black-Nickel/Black

  • JFTM-15   Copper-Brass/White-Black-Gold/Sucker

Ramit Tinsel Magnum Weedless Bucktail Components:  Retail  $22.95

Heavy Stainless Steel Wire .040

Two Heavy Gauge #5 French Blades

Gamakatsu Size #6/0 Superline EWG Hook

Mag-Flash Tinsel Skirt

Producto 6" Buzztail Shad

Overall length 11"

Made in the U.S.A.

"Ramit" Weedless Bucktails (Original Ramit, Ramit Magnum, Ramit Tinsel Mag)

In 2011, the first Ramit Weedless Bucktail was developed.  This unique lure is very versatile and has been designed for fishing Musky, Northern and Bass.  When this bait is rigged Texas-Style, with the rubber Buzztail shad, or the plastic of your choosing it can be retrieved through the heaviest cover.  This lure was designed to run through various dense weeds and those difficult stump fields.  This enables the angler to fish water that has been often avoided in the past.  The heavy gauge wire construction and heavy French blade makes this bait easy to cast and generate a lot of vibration.  In early 2013, the Ramit Tinsel Magnum was developed.  This lure has the same quality construction as the original Ramit, but now has the flash of the new Mag-Flash Tinsel skirt.   This lure has two #5 French Blades, Mag-Flash Tinsel skirt and a 6" Buzztail shad,  perfect lures for fishing deep weed edges as well as shallow weed flats.


In 2016 the RAMIT MAGNUM Weedless Bucktail was added to this popular lure series.  This bucktail  features the "New" Starflash Silicone Skirt. This weedless bucktail has the same characteristics and will perform  as well as the popular Ramit Tinsel Magnum, at a more affordable price.




Stainless Steel .040

Heavy Gauge #5 French Blade

Gamakatsu Size 4/0 Superline EWG (Extra Wide Gap) Hook

Starflash Silicone Rubber Skirt 

Producto 4" Buzztail Shad 

Overall length 9"

Made in the U.S.A.

ramit weedless inline bucktail 

Ramit mAGNUM Weedless Bucktail Components:   Retail  $17.95

Heavy Stainless Steel Wire .040

Two Heavy Gauge #5 French Blade

Gamakatsu Size #6/0 Superline EWG (Extra Wide Gap) Hook

Magnum Round  Starflash Silicone Skirt

Producto 6" Buzztail Shad

Overall Length 11"

Made in the U.S.A.

Colors Available:

  • JFM-01   Nickel-Brass/Black/Black

  • JFM-02   Black-Orange/Black-Orange/Black
  • JFM-03   Brass-Orange/Black/New Penny

  • JFM-04   Nickel-Chartreuse/Black-Chartreuse/Black

  • JFM-05  Copper-Brass/Walleye/New Penny

  • JFM-06  Brass-Orange/Walleye/Rootbeer Red Flake

  • JFM-07   Nickel-Nickel/White Shad/White Silver Flake

  • JFM-08   Nickel-Chartreuse/Chart Shad/Chartreuse 

  • JFM-09   Brass-Orange/Perch/Motoroil Red Flake
  • JFM-10   Copper-Brass/Bluegill/New Penny

  • JFM-11   Orange-Chartreuse/Firetiger/Chartreuse

  • JFM-12   Nickel-Nickel/Black-Blue-Purple/Black

  • JFM-13   Nickel-Nickel/Pink Shad/White

  • JFM-14   Nickel-Green/Black/Black

  • JFM-15   Nickel-Nickel/Black-White/Black