Slamit Hybrid Bucktail is now available with a Silicone and Round Rubber Skirt is new colors...


In 2017, the new Larger 11"

Jamit Magnum Weedless inline Buzz Bait was developed...



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Janie Geiger

P.O. Box 105

Boulder Jct., WI 54512

In 2011, the first Ramit Weedless Bucktail was developed.  This unique lure is very versatile and has been designed...


Janie's Custom Tackle offers Multi-Species 7-Strand wire Leaders are Handtied using a Custom Knot along with a series of wire wraps.  


Welcome to Janie's Custom Tackle!  I am very excited to introduce you to an Innovative Company that is dedicated to all types of fishing and the great outdoors.

My name is Janie and I grew up fishing the waters of Northern Wisconsin. I have been involved professionally in the sport fishing industry since 1988. I began the dream of Janie's Flies and Custom tackle back in 1994.

Since then the business has expanded, changing the name from Janie's Flies to Janie's Custom Tackle.  And expanding the product line to include  Handtied Multi-Species 7-Strand wire leaders, Musky Quickset rigs and Circle Hook rigs. Over the years I have worked with many talented guides who have helped me fine tune various successful products. Most recently the "Ramit" Weedless Bucktail was developed. This unique Musky, Northern and Bass bait has proved itself very effective in a variety of fishing situations. Due to the "Ramit's" success and demand, it is now available in the Original, Magnum Starflash Silicone model,  and a Magnum Tinsel version.

Janie's Custom Tackle continues to add unique and exciting lures such as;  the "Slamit" Hybrid Bucktail  series,  consisting of two models. 

And the "Jamit" Weedless Inline Buzz Bait series, consisting of two models.                    

New to Janie's Custom Tackle in 2018 is the New "WHAMIT" Spinner Bait.  The WHAMIT is a Twin Arm Spinner Bait which generates twice the vibration.  It can be used fished in the normal weedy, slop areas or ripped over deep water.  Each offering the angler optimum vibration.

All these products are tied to my highest standards, using quality materials and workmanship. I stand behind each of these products, after all my name is on every one of them.  And of course they are all Made in the USA.


leaders / sucker rigs 

Slamit Hybrid bucktail 

Jamit Mag Wdls buzz Bait

RAMIT Weedless Bucktail